Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Right on Track (and Field)

Pre-season conditioning for track and field is underway at the high school, and, right on cue, here comes the cold, wet weather. It seems to be a rule.

I'm a volunteer coach for the throws (discus and shot put). This means that I'm at practice daily -- like a good-boy volunteer. Some will ask why a coach is needed for throwing things. Those two events (discus throw and shot put) only look simple. There is nothing simple about it. And, we will never get the techniques right. That's why we practice under a structured program.

Since we are not yet allowed to actually go outside and throw, we are hoisting weights. The boys are mostly football players, so they're involved with the football weight workouts, but the girls are under my care. And they do work. Neither the core groups of boys nor girls whine about their work. They just do it, and they will stay right with you. Good kids and fun to work with.

Hopefully, when we can actually go outside and begin throwing, the implements won't seem so heavy.

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