Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Prayin' or Exercising?

First, you have to read this.

It occurs to me that folks can get exercised (no pun intended) about some of the most interesting things. There seems to be no shortage of opinions about anything.

I am sure that there are some folks who really can pray and exercise, work and/or meditate under any conditions. I am not one of those. A priest at the church that I attend once told us that if we didn't believe that Satan existed, that we should try to pray. I can't even make it through a full sermon at church. The shortest prayers challenge my attention span. I guess that I am just too easily distracted to pray well. So, how would I do it during exercise?

It is real difficult for me to view exercise as a religious experience. I gotta tell you. When I exercise, the only thing that I am likely to pray about is that I don't hurt myself during the next repetition.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pigskin Season

The freshmen football season is over for my 9th grade grandson. I have already congratulated him on a good season -- and it was. All his teammates played well, and they seemed to have a good time.

Grandson has played two years -- beginning last year as an 8th grader. Last year when he began, I'm not sure that he really knew which end of the field was his. This year, he had a bunch of tackles, a bunch of pass knock-downs, a couple of interceptions, a good punt return, a wisely chosen fair catch, and four touchdowns. This last one needs a little more explaining. I did notice that after every TD and reasonably long runs, he always thanked his teammates for their blocks. This is a real good sign.

Now, none of these qualify him for All-America status, and it's much too early to be counting college scholarships. If he is willing to work at the game (and do all that's required), he is now in a position where he may be ready to start learning how to play -- if that's what HE wants.