Wednesday, August 27, 2008

English Only Golf?

In an Associated Press news story, I read that the LPGA Tour has 121 international players from 26 countries, and starting in 2009 the association will require players to either speak English or face suspension. The tour includes 45 players from South Korea. Apparently, the PGA tour does not have a similar rule.

According to the LPGA website (, and if I have counted correctly, the 2008 tour has 28 tournaments, and seven of those are not in the US. Also, the top 30 rookies of 2008 include 22 international players.

So, I’m trying to figure out why this English-only rule bothers me. If you follow golf at all, you gotta wonder about this.

So, what's up? Does this rule mean that golf is evolving into an English-only sport? If the LPGA is a global tour, why is the new rulo designed to have the language of the PGA English-only? How does this affect those players that have hearing or speech disabilities? But, I'm sure all of these questions have been thoroughly discussed.

It's hard for me to believe that a player must speak English before she can hit a golf ball.

What am I missing here?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another New High School

This past Monday evening (August 25), I had the delightful experience of visiting the campus of the new Hardin Valley Academy as the Oak Ridge High School freshman football team opened its season with the freshmen of HVA. It was an historic evening for HVA. It is a new school, and that was their very first football game at their new stadium.

The game was very well attended, spirits were high, and there appeared to be a lot of pride and community support for the new school.

ORHS won the freshman game, and HVA won the junior varsity game against Jefferson County.

But, aside from the win/loss thing, what was clear was that everyone was having a lot of fun -- especially the kids. Congratulations to the HVA administrators, staff, and entire community for pulling this together. And, a thank you for their cordial welcome to all who attended and participated. Best wishes to all.

If you have not seen HVA, I encourage you to go have a look. It is a very comfortable and beautiful setting. One day I would like to tour the place inside.

A Tentative Step into the Blogosphere

Well, let me give this a try -- a toe in this blogging thing that is going around.