Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Rare Treat, or so I'm Told

During the week of July 19, my bride and I spent time at Isle of Palms, SC. A pretty good thunderstorm occurred during the early morning of Wednesday the 21st. In fact one thunderclap was so loud that I thought someone had dropped a house just outside our unit.

So I got up and started my morning coffee-drinking ritual. I decided to go outside on the deck and check out the ocean -- while I drank coffee. I happened to look to the southwest and waddaya know -- a perfectly formed water spout.

It looked like the storm was about a quarter mile away (could have been further -- hard to judge the distance), but I though it was right next door. This certainly got my attention. My bride took this picture.

Apparently, these events don't happen that often in that area, but it was spectacular. Looks like there were two in the area that morning.

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